Strategic planning is implemented automatically on the all strategic designs and daily entrepreneurial activities.

We want Ceramica Delmon to be the most highly valued business by: the customers we serve, the community in which we operate our loyal and committed stakeholders .For these things to be possible, our Vision for the business has 3 elements – each of them describes the sort of company Ceramica Delmon aspires to be.

Growing business, full of opportunities

We want our business to offer something new every time. Ceramica Delmon strategically looking for investing in related diversification projects that can reinforce our market share.

Delmon Marble Factory
Delmon Mixer taps Assembly line

Generating Innovative ideas

Ceramica Delmon is dedicated to make life easier for our customers; therefore our team is committed to offer innovative solutions and ideas. Those can enhance the customers experience.

Delmon express stores
Delmon e-commerce website

Gaining trust and loyalty from customers and communities

Ceramica Delmon is primarily concerned about gaining trust of all of the stockholders through everything we do to gain brand loyalty.

Green Environment

Mr.Abduljabbar Hammad (GM) emphasized that "Our vision is to reach stronger sustainability within Bahrain; by providing the market with more affordable and environmentally friendly products and services".